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Hi All
Something that should be known - I barely use dA any more. If you like my stuff and want more frequent updates, check out, or my personal blog -
By :iconglen-i: no less.

Oh well, it's been ages since I even did something here. Far too busy. So now's a good time to remind my watchers I still exist.

The Rules 
•You Must Post The Rules.
•Share 10 Facts About You.
•Answer 10 Questions Asked By The One Who Tagged You And Make 10 Questions for The People You Tagged.
•Tag 10 People In The Journal.
•No " You're Tagged If You Read This" Things.
•No Tag Backs.
•You Can't Say You Don't Tag.
•Make A Journal. Don't Comment It.

10 facts about me

1. I dont like getting wet (to the point where I am reluctant to take showers etc)
2. I have an allergy to fresh fruit
3. I have a habit of making stupid noises all the time, and I do it more often when there's an awkward silence
4. I currently live in 2 bedrooms, although only one really qualifies as the bedroom. It's only big enough for the bed, though, so all my clothes and stuff are in this other room which is about the size of a Mini Cooper.
5. I'm terrible at self-motivation. I'm currently procrastinating from doing the huge pile of University work I have to do.
6. I like drawing during lectures at University, and often these end up being my main output seeing as I don't have a lot of free time otherwise.
7. I own a Nintendo 3DS, which has a broken 3D slider, a scratched touch-screen, no protective cover over the top screen and no rubber on the circle pad. Currently anticipating the release of the new model :P
8. I have brown hair and I like to brush the fringe off to one side, but the most recent haircut I had was done by someone who could barely speak English so when I asked him to trim it he goes "Short, yes." I sat for half an hour miserably watching my hair disappear but too awkward to tell him to stop
9. I am running out of ideas for facts.
10. I like chocolate probably too much. I currently get by on 1 chocolate bar a day.

Now here are Glen's 10 questions. In exam form. Asshole.

1. Johnny, Donny and Ronnie are arguing over which console is the best out of the N64, PS1 and Dreamcast.
Johnny likes the N64.
Donny likes the PS1.
Ronnie likes the Dreamcast.
In your opinion, who is correct and why? (2 marks)

Johnny is. Too many classic games on N64 to ignore.

2. Most Americans haven't heard of the brilliant sitcom, Father Ted. Explain. (5 marks)

Neither have I. Are you sure it's not all in your mind, Glen?

3. If a train leaves Manchester at 16:00 and a bus leaves France at 17:54, how long will it take before anyone realises that they probably won't crash into each other? Show your working. (3 Marks)

Possibly infinite time, considering that is a very odd thing to be thinking about if the first place. Also given that buses do not drive on train lines, and train lines in France are probably not compatible with English trains, it's basically an axiom that the question at hand is already resolved.

4. When did you find out that Glen-i existed? Extra marks will be awarded for method. (3 marks)

Poplo did it.

5. In relation to the previous question, what is your favourite Glen-i artwork and why? (2 marks)

His most recent works are definitely best. His skills have improved greatly since he got Pokemon Art Academy. It would be interesting to see him draw something that wasn't Pokemon or Dillon for a change...

6. Biscuit or cake? Discuss. (5 marks)


7. Glen-i has an intolerance to peanuts. Did you know? (1 mark)


8. In less than 5 sentences, explain why the Kecleon Glen-i constantly draws is blue and black. (2 marks)

Because the cold colours represent the sadness in his heart.

9. What is your favourite piece of art that you have drawn? An extra mark will be awarded for a thumbnail. (2 marks)

I'm working on it. Here's a WIP, and it's already my favourite...  Po-koro wip by ToaTom

10. How many of these questions will actually help others to know more about you? And how condescending does that make me look? (2 marks)

Two. The rest were either obscure or about yourself, you condescending, self-centred asshole. 

DISCLAIMER: Glen and I are friends, and any insults to either party are thoroughly deliberate and delivered with well-calculated sincerity.

Okay, my 10 questions:
1. Do you like waffles?
2. Do you like pancakes?
3. Do you like french to--ok I'll stop. Do you hate me now?
4. Have you ever eaten porridge? It's grrrrreat! ..hang on *checks notes*
5. Have you ever drawn something you didn't want to?
6. Have you ever used glitter glue?
7. What is your opinion on the use of Comic Sans?
8. Is there any chance of us meeting?
9. "Comparing my art to Tom's is like comparing ____ to _____ " Fill in the blanks.
10. How long has it been since you went outside?

I can haz cheezburger?

Tagging other friends then, I guess. I know you all hate being tagged and probably won't bother. I don't care.


I ran out of friends


ToaTom's Profile Picture
Tom Rule
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
Hi, I'm Tom, and I'm currently studying CVA at Bournemouth University.
If you like robots, then, have a look through my gallery, because that's mostly what's there!


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Hey, happy birthday!
Sorry that I didnt draw you for birthday present this year ><
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Hapy Birthday, Tom.
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Happy birthday Tom.
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thanks a lot :> sorry for the late reply, i hardly use DA now.
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ah!! thank you! :D (sorry for the late reply, i dont often check DA)
SapphireGothicLolita Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Your welcome! :D

Its okay! Oh btw, I didn't know Toa Andrew had an account and that I thought he was your OC D:
ToaTom Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2015  Student General Artist
hehe, that's ok :P 
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it was ok, yeah, did some work and stuff. got given lots of drawings as presents >u<
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SapphireGothicLolita Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello. I know your birthday is in a few days time and I just realised it today but I will draw you something nice for your birthday and put it up next week. I havn't even started it and I usually upload people's birthday drawings early but I guess it's my first going-to-be-belated one.

Apologies. I will get it done by next week and happy early birthday! :D
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